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Mors Furniture For Less – Ben Mor Cables Inc 90237 "Strata" Medium Duty Clothesline KIT – Honor-title, or the Curtain before the Theatre of Stock-Tableaus, depicted with the Brokerage of Green and Barren Times, or Mirror of the Paper-World

Mors Furniture For Less


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  • furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
  • Furniture (probably from the French 'fournir' — to provide) is the mass noun for the movable objects ('mobile' in Latin languages) intended to support various human activities such as seating and sleeping in beds, to hold objects at a convenient height for work using horizontal surfaces above
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  • Moers (Mors, Mors; Dutch: Murse, Murs or Meurs in older texts is a city on the left bank of the Rhine.
  • Mors or Morso is a 367.7 square kilometer large land locked island in the shallow sound called Limfjorden in Denmark. The main town on the island is called Nykobing Mors. Geologically Mors is unique.
  • (Roman mythology) Roman god of death; counterpart of Thanatos
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mors furniture for less – Ben Mor

Ben Mor Cables Inc 90237 "Strata" Medium Duty Clothesline KIT
Ben Mor Cables Inc 90237 "Strata" Medium Duty Clothesline KIT
Strata, Medium Duty, Clothesline Kit, 150′ Medium Strength Clothesline, With Steel Core & PVC Coating, Two 5″ Plastic Pulleys, 1 Plastic Mini Winch & 2 Metal Hooks.

76% (>9)

Honor-title, or the Curtain before the Theatre of Stock-Tableaus, depicted with the Brokerage of Green and Barren Times, or Mirror of the Paper-World

Honor-title, or the Curtain before the Theatre of Stock-Tableaus, depicted with the Brokerage of Green and Barren Times, or Mirror of the Paper-World
001 Ere-titel

Eere-Titel, of Gordyn voor het SCHOUBURG der ACTIE-Tafereelen, beschilderd met de ACTIE WlNKEL des Groenen en Dorren TYDS Of SPIEGEL des PAPIEREN WAERELDS.

[Title (page) of Honour, or Curtain before the Theatre of the Action Plays, representing the Action Shop of the Green and Barren Times; or Mirror of the Paper World.]

"Gryn Chagrin", or Grizzled Regret, holds a mirror before the face of a youth, the "Young Coward" or speculator, who doesn’t want to look. Before the youth is a great globe, the"Geactioneerde Waereld" (World of Shares, or Stock); he points to a place on which is "ik zie alles verkeerd" (I see everything wrong); faces of men in distress are engraved on the globe, which is encircled by a serpent with its tail in its mouth, to which the inscription refers:

"De Windverkooper imiteerd / Dit dier het geen zig zelf verteerd".

[The Wind-seller (Share-dealer) imitates this animal, which itself consumes.]

On the globe is engraved, near the sun’s place:

"De Zon ging vrolyk op / Maar drukt in’t Westen menigs hop".

[The sun rose with much zest / but crushed the hopes of many in the West.]

The background is an Actie-winkel (a shares-shop) displaying "Actien in Blanco" (Shares not yet in stock); a poster announces "Dese Winkel word uit verkost / ‘t Huis te huur terstond in te vaaren." (This Shop is selling out. This House for rent, ready to move in anytime.)

Below this group is a tomb, inscribed CRYPT OF THE UNFORTUNATE STOCK-JOBBER; likewise with the legend "MORS ACTIONVM ULTRIX” (Death revenges Stock)

A “Wreath of Honor” surrounds the picture. It is decorated with objects, some representing either the coats of arms or the principal industries of the cities associated with stock-jobbery or companies set up during the bubble. Thus the title:

"Een schoone Lofkrans deese onse Actie Winkel cierd
Met planten, meubilen en veelerly gediert"

[A lovely Laurel our Stock Shop features, adorned with Plants, Furniture, and diverse Creatures.]

Details are below, followed by a description in verse, and finally list of shares in fictitious commodities, many being puns (again) of "notorious" cities.

At the top of the "wreath", or frame, is a young bull’s head, thus referred to:

"Ik ben de Hopman van de dommen
Doch won daar door van Vossen groote sommen".
[Edam] [I am the Captain of the Dummies,
but from the Foxes I won loadsa Money]

Next, on our left, is the head of a crane devouring a frog, with:

"Ik gryp vast aas, dock ik voorspel / Een onbeHaagelyk gequel
[The Hague][I seize my prey, but I’ve an intimation,
of a disagreeable sensation.]

On our right of the bull’s head is a crane’s head devouring a snake, with:

"De adder die me is aanbevoolen
Maakt nog zo wat caprioolen" .
[The Hague again] [The snake comes with recommendations
yet continues to make gyrations.]

In the upper corner, on our left, three swallows are flying away, with the following remark,

"Met ‘t Lot te vreen zyn we in de vrye lucht."
[We are contented with our fate in the open air.]

On our right, in the upper corner, are three more swallows, with:

"Lichte voglen schraal van veeren
Konden ‘t lichtst actioneeren"

[Light birds, with few feathers, could most easily trade in Shares.]

Below the bull’s head is the head of a monk blowing vigorously, with:

"Al blaas ik nog zo sterk
Ik doe maar munniks werk"

[Monnickendam] [However strongly I blow, I only do monks’ work (pointless work)]

On our left of the frame, at the side, hangs a bird in a cage, with:

"Bedrieglyk lok-aas brengt me in de ysre vlucht"
(A deceitful bait brought me to the iron cage.]

Below the bird a pair of spectacles hang, with:

"De Actien der Brillen
Zyn voor al de oude lien te nut om te bedillen".

[The spectacles’ Actions (Shares) to elders are too useful to belittle.]

Below the spectacles is a cheese, with a knife stuck in it; to this refers:

"Men snyd de kaas te dik / Elk keeft er voor een schrik"

[Alkmaar][They cut the cheese too thick. Every one was afraid of it.]

Several herrings hang next below the cheese, with:

"Pan haring om een stuiver"
[Enkhuizen] Pan-herrings, fifty for a penny.]

Below the herrings is a drum, with:

"’t Kalfsvel van de Actie trom / Maakte meer als kaar burgers dom",

[The calf’s-skin of the Actions-drum made more than all the burghers dumb.]

A fisherman stands below the drum, holding a net, saying:

"Het zy ik vis of niet / ‘t Blyft alles int verdriet ".
[Whether I fish or not, everything is full of grief.]

The fisherman is sweeping his net along the bottom of the sea and missing several coins:

"’t Geld van de grond weer op te vissen
‘t Zonk te diep, het zal my missen".

[The Money on the bottom I try

Furniture for LittleFee

Furniture for LittleFee
All furniture and clothes are handmade by me.
If you like my furniture for LittleFee and you would like to have it for your little bjd, please, let me know. I’m sure I can fulfil your wish 🙂

mors furniture for less

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